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One Oil That Will Stop Your Hair Fall And Grow Thick Long Hairs In Just 10 Days Time

Castor oil is extremely beneficial oil which is high in nutrients and positive properties, but it is often avoided due to its sticky and thick consistency. Yet, it is an inexpensive and effective way to treat numerous hair and skin issues.

Application of Castor oil directly can be little tough because of the density of it. Castor oil is a very thick liquid, so before using you should dilute it. Simply mix equal amounts of coconut oil and Castor oil, Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it to act for an hour. Massage the Castor oil onto the scalp and spread it evenly on hair strands. You can do this twice a week before washing your hairs.

To use it daily on dry hair split ends, take about 2-3 drops of Castor oil in your palm and rub it on dry and frizzy hair. Leave it over night.

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