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A Guy Goes to Jail

A guy goes to jail. First night after lights out he hears someone yell out, “49!”, then the entire cell block bursts out laughing.

A few moments later, someone else yells out, “88!”, and everyone laughs again.

The new inmate turns to his cellmate and asks, “What’s with the numbers? Why is everyone laughing?”

His inmate replies, “Well, we’ve all been here so long we’ve heard every joke.

Instead of telling the entire thing and wasting time, we gave each joke a number, so we can just yell out the joke number and everyone gets a laugh.”

The new inmate says, “Huh… I guess that makes sense,” and after thinking a moment, asks, “Can I try?”

His cellmate says, “Yeah, sure, go ahead. Just yell out a number, everyone will know which joke you’re telling.”

So the guy yells out into the darkness, “22!”, but nobody laughs. He frowns, waits a moment, then yells out, “70!”

Again, nothing. He turns back to his cellmate and asks, “Why is nobody laughing?” His cellmate responds, “

Hey man, some people know how to tell a joke, and some don’t.”

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