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I Went To Japan On A Holiday Funny Humor Quotes Collection

I Went To Japan On A Holiday and I had a very close online Japanese friend I met on a Guitar Hero forum, and we arranged to meet up.

I thought he was a guy, but then this really cute girl with short, brown hair shows up, easily a 9/10.

She’s called Nao and even though it’s the first time we had met in real life, we get along really well.

She tells me that she pretended to be a guy online because she wanted to talk with someone about rock music but that people wouldn’t take her seriously because she was a girl.

She apologised, and I said that I’d accept her apology on one condition – that she plays guitar hero with me.

She laughed and agreed – she had a great smile – and we went to her apartment.

She hurriedly opened her PS4 and accessed guitar hero. She was a pretty high level, much higher than I was, but we played anyway.

Somehow I won – I guess I just got lucky, but she turned off the game and started sulking, and didn’t speak to me for a while. I didn’t want our meetup to end like this, so I tried to motivate her:

“Hey Nao, you’re a rockstar. Get your game on, go, play…”

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